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Day 1

Landed in London at 8.00 pm
We’re not in China.
We’re in the colorful London Chinatown I wish I could say that I’m drinking beer, but actually it’s a green tea We just had a late massage… and they recovered my neck pain
Good evening


Day 2

English countryside
I rather prefer reading in the Dead Sea, but also on the train while the English countryside runs outside the window is not bad
After the trip in Israel I decided to go deeply in Jerusalem’s history, and my boyfriend gave me this book as a present He guessed exactly the book I wanted ❤ Soon we’ll arrive in the North Sea cost
We are based in London but, since we both visited the city many times, we planned an alternative trip, different from the mainstream touristic guides Follow us throughout our adventures to watch London and England under a new point of view
Right now we are in Southwold walking along the North Sea shore, which is a popular district among celebrities

Day 3

This morning I felt like doing some sport and I convinced (obliged) my boyfriend to do it with me
Watch the here to see my work out and stretching.
In the morning, it’s easier to loose pounds rather than evening. 
Later, we (both) decided that today will be a lazy day… Here drinking sencha tea with the London view from our hotel W London Hotel after a long warm shower
Sometimes you just need to recharge far away from your home. (Hairdryer by Ghd hair)

















Day 4

Back to our first art history manual. Stonehenge is also considered a magical spot because, apparently, the stones have recovering powers.

Day 5

My boyfriend really cared to take a pic of me in this … toilet! I was laughing because there were many girls who were there just for taking pictures to each other. It’s actually a very cool place, and I recommend you to have breakfast or 5 pm tea at Sketch.

We are on our way to the airport, and we couldn’t leave without visiting Whole Foods and buying some healthy foods!
Bye bye London