Beresheet Hotel

We’re having dinner at the Rosemary restaurant of Beresheet hotel with desert view. The buffet is rich and appealing, and I ordered tofu with tahini sauce, pumpkin seeds, and vegetables. Absolutely tasty! I chose a vegan menu because we had spent two hours in the comfortable hotel spa, and I need to fill up on minerals.

Snacks in the desert

I’d like to show you my travel mates! In the desert it wasn’t that easy to find a gas station, and these snacks helped me a lot, because I usually eat every two hours. It’s important not to get hungry in order to avoid that our metabolism slows down! I chose snacks by Ambrosiae The Uberfood – vegan, no added sugars, rich in protein – and by Baule Volante Bio – made of sesame and pumpkin seeds with honey.
















Greek Restaurant

I love Greek cuisine! Here in Jaffa, a Tel Aviv district, in a peaceful and romantic borough.

Break in Jerusalem

Pomegranate juice-to-go in Jerusalem.











Dalida, Tel Aviv

Delicious dishes at a fancy place in Tel Aviv.

I love Hummus

Can’t leave Israel without trying its hummus!












Messa Restaurant, Tel Aviv

My starter at this magical place.