Day 1

Landed in Tel Aviv. During the flight we napped a little and so we are recharged and ready for the desert! Just taken this pic on our way to Miztpe Ramon desert. We stopped the car when we saw this amazing view and… we found a flag of Israel on the ground! From now we are really Israelis!

Day 2

Honestly my intention was just to make the typical pic “reading while you float in the Dead Sea” but then I’ve spent one hour reading “Manuscript Found in Accra” by Paulo Coelho. I’ve chosen this lecture for this trip because it’s set in Jerusalem. Btw this is the most comfortable position for reading I’ve ever experimented in my whole life!















Day 3

Today we’re visiting Jerusalem. This pic is the first view of the city I had this morning from the Mount of Olives. It’s very impressive being in a legendary, historic, and religious city. The atmosphere is something which words can’t explain.
Right now we’re going down from the mount to get inside the walls with Hagit, our Israeli guide.
I’m very curious and excited!

Day 4

Okay, I know that the quality is very poor, but I couldn’t help myself from posting this picture dancing in Chiara Ferragni Collection shoes!
After our dinner at Messa Restaurant, we’re walking down the skyscrapers area of Tel Aviv and we’ve just fund some abandoned balloons.















Day 5

This morning we reached again Jerusalem from Tel Aviv (just one hour driving). We’ve already visited Yad Vashem Museum and now we’re getting into the city from Jaffa gate. Today our guide is a monk and he’s going to show us all the Christians holy places.
I elected Jaffa (Tel Aviv) sunset as one of the most beautiful in the world.
I like to say goodbye to every trip enjoying the sunset. It helps me to let go and it gives me the hope of an other amazing sunrise somewhere else.