Neverland, an African island

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At hight tide, Chale becomes an island. At low tide, people can walk on a white beach until the Kenyan coast. As well, a bunch of monkeys move from the coast to Chale. The Sands Resort, the only one of this little paradise, wants to keep the distance from the reality, and the guests have to put their clock one hour ahead. If you click on the link I put before, you’ll see the island from above. Can you see the biggest bungalow on its extremity? That was my room.

And, on the last extremity, there is my own jacuzzi. When the tide is getting higher, the waves reach its border and people get refreshed by the salty water.
The waves crash again the enormous windows that surround the bungalow. I could have stayed there, observing the nature wonder, for hours.
The swimming pool was spectacular, surrounded by palms that make you feel far away from reality. After spending time there, every day in the evening I had a massage outside, facing the jungle.

Chale Island is a perfect end.