African Dream

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I traveled to Africa for the first time in 2009, but the memories are still vivid in my mind, and I guess they will stay untouchable forever. One only week can change your life. Follow my journey…
This is a male giraffe exemplar. The first animal I have seen when I reached the Tsavo West from Mombasa airport, Kenya.
The most narcissist animals strike a pose for the tourists. Zebras are called “Juve” by our guide. He tries to make us comfortable, referring to our culture. Actually, I went to Africa to get rid of all the superstructures. To empty my mind, and to make room in my heart.
Fording a river, I had never been so closed to a wild animal as that day to the hippopotamus. I can live again that emotion right now, after nine years, though that incredulous smile painted on my face.
After the most unbelievable morning of all my life, I stopped to a lodge on my way to have lunch. Already won by Africa, I felt like feeding these squirrels.
The first African sunset gave me a perfect moment. I spent some minutes looking at this elephant having its dinner while the sun was going down.
Almost ready for my second day in Tsavo West, Kenya: some snacks, a lot of water, and Malarone, against the malaria parasites.
I thought that African safari was a jeep tour around National Parks, but I found out that sometimes people can get out of the car and walk into the savannah with an armed ranger.
Do you know what is the most dangerous animal in Africa? Yes, the elephants, known as the gentle giants. Never cut in front of them!
On the other side, unexpectedly, lions are not feared. They are afraid of humans and attack only if they are very hungry.
An improbable friendship between an elephant and a buffalo.
My guide, a ranger and I walking down the Tasavo East during sunrise. Hippopotamus, crocodiles, and a puma came along us.
When I was a child, I used to say ironically that my mum woke up my sister and me every morning with “the grace of an elephant”. I had never believed that it could literally happen. That morning, I heard some deep steps, I woke up and opened the tent: in front of me, this giant elephant!
However, Africa is not all about animals. With its endless and wild expanses, with its “pole pole” people, which means “slowly” as they are never in a hurry, Africa is also about our inner voice. Most of the people don’t listen to it: it’s scary to find out that our souls are even bigger than the entire world, and it’s easier to be absorbed by our every-day life. But here that voice takes shape, it answers us with its sounds, it shows the endless world inside us. That’s the African power.