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Wellness products from Morocco

These are the products I bought in Morocco:
1. ARGAN OIL. It’s very moisturizing for body and hair. I always apply it on my hair at least 1 hour before having shower (be sure to buy the 100% argan oil)
2. BLACK SOAP for scrubbing
3. AKER FASSI is a red lipgloss that you use drying your finger, like a watercolor.
4. KAJAL is an eyeliner.


Moroccan Spices

Spices shop at the typical Moroccan suk.












My habit even when in Marrakesh

Every morning in Morocco before starting the day, I had my private time. The waitress used to bring me my hot water with lemon, and I read for half an hour the book I had chosen to bring with me “Gibran’s love letters” which is a collection of love letters by the poet Kalil Gibran published by Paulo Coelho