15 colors in 15 days


Perù is a country that deserves to be visited deeply. Whatever is your main goal, Perù is rich of it.

If you love nature, you will see wild places from 0 meters a.s.l. to 5000 meters from the sea to the snowy mountains passing by yellow and green uplands and never ending deserts.

If you love even more animals, you will navigate with dolphins, watch penguins and sea lions very close, lamas and their relatives, condors in their habitat, and much much more.

If you look for the real life of the population, you will go by the city inhabitants of the capital to the prehistoric populations of the inlands, gradually crossing Hispanic culture influenced to local culture influenced.

If you are more interested about history, you will discover a new prehistoric Era with singular architectures, war’s strategies, religion, evolutions. Which, at one point, met European in history, and kept on evolving in its proper manner.

If you are a sportsman, you will do the best trekking in the world.

If you are mystic, you will be more powerful after having visited Perù.

If you simply look for an adventure, like me, you will be definitely satisfied by all of what I mentioned.

Let’s discover Perù day by day with me… Perù