Catalan Declaration of Independence 10/27/17

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This is one of the dishes I had in Barcelona during a long weekend in the end of October 2017. This is from Vegetalia. I have been also at Teresa Carles and Petit Brot. In that period I was strictly vegan, and these restaurants were perfect!
When I woke up the first day, I visited firstly the “Font màgica de Montjuïc”. It was a really magical place!











Later, I walked to Park Güell designed by Antoni Gaudí. While we were getting there, we suddenly heard some shots. We found out only later that…


Catalonia had just declared its independence from Spain. Here we were enjoying the celebration of Catalans. The newspaper from Italy said that it was dangerous, but actually it wasn’t at all! Just very emotional to be there while the history was making itself!












The day after, we went to Tibidabo attractions park on the Tibidabo hill. The park is very entertaining and you can also enjoy a stunning view of Barcelona. Just remember to check and buy the tickets in advance!
After the visit at the attractions park, we went to my favorite monument in the world: the Sagrada Familia Church. No words to describe it!












Still strong after the long day, we went to a club along the beach. In the picture, W Hotel Barcelona. 
The last day I did what I love to do anywhere: loosing myself without any specific destinations, and… I found myself in one of the most known spot in Barcelona!