Timeless Antigua

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Sometimes it takes a little bit to realize that vacations have started, but not in Antigua. When you wake up here, you immediately feel free from any worry.
Caribbean water is warm, clean, and calm. The weather is simply perfect during August, even though they say that it could be rainy.


If you are like me, and you get bored laying on the beach, in Antigua – I promise – you completely lose track of time and get tanned very fast.
There were two main attractions on the beach: this unexpected phone box, and Mr. Sunshine, a funny Antiguan dude.
Mr. Sunshine drove us to the capital, St. John’s, to party. If people get hungry after dancing, they can find this booth that grills meat for you!
The beach is one of most beautiful I have ever seen. However, when people have enough, they can go for a cruise around the island to discover all the stunning wild spots of Antigua, included some actors, politicians, and famous show men’s houses.
In the end of the day, people have to enjoy the show of the sun falling into the sea.