Wild Sardinia

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I go to Sardinia every summer with my whole family, included relatives and cousins. I know exactly where to go when I need some time alone: Madonna del Monte Church that is on the top of the hill behind Marinella Gulf.
The beaches in Sardinia are wonderful. The water is pretty cold, especially in June, but it’s transparent and very clean.












It’s boring just staying on the beach, and hoping getting tanned faster than you can. So I always bring a good book with me, I swim at least half an hour each day, and I exercise at the shore.
If you go to Sardinia you should try the Seada, a local dessert made by cheese and honey. In this island, surprisingly, the main courses are not fish dishes, but they come from inland foods, like meat and cheese.








I consider Sardinia my every year relaxing escape. Sometimes, I just need to restore myself.
Wild Sardinia… escaping from the city, the work, the world.











Ready for dinner with the whole family at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere.
I’m sure that everyone would be fascinated by this island. Bye bye with the sunset from home.