In 2015, few months after the publication of my first book “Ragione e Follia”, Chiara contacted me for an interview.

When did you start writing?

In kindergarten, the nouns wanted to develop the children’s fantasy through the art. Every day we produced at least three drawings. One day, I felt like needing something new to express my imaginary. I needed words.

I perfectly remember that moment, when I stood up and asked the noun to teach me the symbols of the sounds which we use to communicate. She seemed perplex and replayed that I should have been drawing like everyone else. I insisted: “I have already drawn thousands of houses with trees. Can you teach me the letters?”. She reluctantly nodded.

I started filling blank pages with words in capital letter, from the right to the left, because I’m left-hand and I felt more comfortable. Then the noun, given up on my obstinacy, used to correct my grammatical mistakes, and taught me the way to express the pauses between the sentences with punctuation.

She told me that at first grade teachers would want me to write from the left to the right. So, I tried. In the end of the day, I found my left hand completely colored by the ink of the markers. That was a sign: my destiny was to have a dirty left hand forever.

Seriously, when did you write your fist text?

Seriously, I don’t remember any period of my life, after four years old, in which I didn’t write anything. I started with the “Newspaper of the Street”. I used to report everything that happened in my street, mostly it regarded the activities of the ants, the deeds of my dog, the singing performances of the birds. I used to transform everything in a piece of news, and sometimes I created them by myself: I needed to sell the newspaper to my neighbors. I gave up when I understood that it wasn’t competitive for the media market.

After this career as journalist, I decided that I could write a novel around the adventures of one specific animal. The occasion arrived when I received a gift from my English aunt. It was a secret diary. They told me that I should have written down the report and feelings about each day. My imaginary world, however, was bigger than whatever could happen in one only day. I had been writing for all the summer on three big notebooks the story that I would have called “The fish mysteries”, adaptation of a true story which had appeared in my mind.

How did this passion become a career?

I have never thought that writing could have become a career. I just used to write, without thinking about the “after”. Writing was, and still is, my way to develop my philosophy: I have never written anything about me or my life, but I used my characters to feel extreme feelings, to deal with events that never happened to me, to empathize with different kind of human beings, to understand the roots of love between people, fear of death, desire, depression, envy.

When I realized that in the deepest place of ourselves we all speak the same language, I thought that I should have shared my works with other people, to let them confront as well with my characters. But I still didn’t refer to writing as a career.

My mum always wanted for me a safer job, in an office for instance. My entire world, actually, wanted me to be ‘someone’ with a title. I was almost convinced that writing would have remained just a hobby, forever.

What changed this point of view?

My studying experience in USA. Far away from my world, I found my universe. When I came back, in few months I graduated in Literature and Philosophy and signed a contract with an editor for the publication of “Ragione e Follia”, which I had written five years before.

This, still, doesn’t mean that I’m a novelist, neither that I want writing to become my career.

This means that passion and sacrifices take you naturally to the “after”.

It means I can face a blank page, that I’m not scared by the unknown. Everything is on our own decisions.

It means that, as I find myself through my own words, I can find even more through others’ stories.

It means that I can even work in that office which my mum wanted for me. What matters are dedication and commitment in everything I do. Going under the surface to discover the deepest, the essence, my own reason to be.